Welcome to Fiction Attic Press, a small, independent publisher dedicated to distributing works of exceptional literary merit. We publish flash fiction, short stories, and memoir. We attempt to give stories a wide reach by publishing them on the Fiction Attic website, on Beacon, and on our Medium site. The goal of Fiction Attic Press is to promote well-written, thought-provoking fiction with a fair dose of “elegant wit.” We refer you to the meaning of attic, which explains pretty much everything:

attic salt (phrase): a poignant, delicate wit, peculiar to the Athenians attic (noun): a story or room directly below the roof of a building attic (adj) : characterized by purity, simplicity, and elegant wit


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a few stories from our archives

How to Handle Winter

A Short Story by Melissa Gutierrez The snowman was more that than anything else—a man who lived in the snow. He had a pelt…

This image was created by Edward Wells using two public domain images:
a 1765 map of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, and two pages from the Voynich manuscript


by Edward Wells & Nicolas Diaz novella excerpt [1] Stuff you can do in the commuter bus: fall asleep in your seat; pretend to…

Essays & Memoir

latest nonfiction

A List That Never Ends

Short Memoir by Sarah Elizabeth Schantz When it was time to burn my mother she wept two red tears. I drove her to the…


Flamingo Pink

Memoir by Laryssa Wirstiuk The cruelest word was “orange,” which my best friend in Kindergarten had used to describe my hair. The time was…