Welcome to Fiction Attic Press, a small, independent publisher dedicated to distributing works of exceptional literary merit. We publish flash fiction, short stories, and memoir. We attempt to give stories a wide reach by publishing them on the Fiction Attic website, on Beacon, and on our Medium site. The goal of Fiction Attic Press is to promote well-written, thought-provoking fiction with a fair dose of “elegant wit.” We refer you to the meaning of attic, which explains pretty much everything:

attic salt (phrase): a poignant, delicate wit, peculiar to the Athenians attic (noun): a story or room directly below the roof of a building attic (adj) : characterized by purity, simplicity, and elegant wit


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Above Lyman’s Riffle

Memoir by James Ross Kelly The old man’s house was falling down ten years after his death; twenty-years after, the whole south face of…