A Tale of Two Writing Spaces (or my dream writing room)

A South Korean furniture maker has designed this desk for kids to help them focus while they study. It could also serve as a writing room for smallish adults. Emok sells the nifty little space in South Korea for about $2,200 U.S. How much would you pay for a little bit of zen?

Writing Room

I love the built-in shelves and lighting, and the window that (perhaps cruelly) allows kids to gaze out on all the fun other members of the household are having while the student is locked in his homework prison.

That footrest below the desk is a massage bar for tired feet. It may be the only thing in the room to keep you from totally losing your mind.

In this photo you can see the white board, great for writing, “Get me out of here!” or “Why did I ever think I could write this novel?” Or maybe you could play hangman solitaire.

I both love this space and hate it. Theoretically, it looks like a great place to write The Next Great American Short Story (I can’t imagine staying there long enough to write a novel). On the other hand, it might make you go a little Yellow Wallpaper.

Photos via Design Taxi.

This micr0-cottage by Tengbom Architects in Sweden (via Contemporist by way of DesignTaxi) is more to my liking. At ten square meters, te eco-friendly space, conceived as a complete student flat in collaboration with students at the University of Lund, is truly museum worthy. Though it’s not for sale yet, I’m pretty sure that if it ever is produced, it will be out of my price range.

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