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Some Pleasant Daydream: The Stories of Jiri Kajane (Volume 2)

ISBN: 978-1945753060

About This Book

Some Pleasant Daydream takes up where Winter in Tirana: The Stories of Jiri Kajanë (Volume 1) leaves off. Enver Hoxja is dead, and so is Hansa Splite. The unnamed narrator, Albania’s Deputy Minister of Slogans, has lost his true love, Ana, and is still trying to reshape his world without her. The forever optimistic Leni, faced with his own romantic and economic trials, has grand plans to turn their fortunes around. In these six stories, as funny as they are poignant, the two friends forge ahead with schemes that strike a fine balance between absurdity and practicality. In a final twist as strange as the Ministry of Slogans itself, Kajanë proves that a story, like a life, is as true as you make it.