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Flash in the Attic: 44 Very Short Stories

ISBN: 9781945753008

About This Book

Featuring 44 stories under 1,000 words by new and established writers. The 44 stories in this collection tackle questions of love, longing, family, and fantasy. Crimes are committed, promises are made and broken, characters exist in strange cities made of papers and knives. Every story is a miniature world unto itself. A must-read for anyone who loves narrative brevity, and an essential companion for anyone who wants to write flash fiction. Plays well with Volume 1 of the series, Flash in the Attic: 33 Very Short Stories.


  • Introduction, by Michelle Richmond
  • The New Thieves, by Thaisa Frank
  • The Mourning of the Russian, by Augustin Cadena, translated by Patricia Dubrava
  • Tracks and Weather, by Susie Hara
  • Blanks, by Kit Maude
  • Urban, by Lila Dunlap
  • Instructions for Dreaming of Dead People, by Yasmin Murgai
  • On the Nightwalk, by Mark Sheerin
  • The Days We Spent in Each Other’s Company, by Madison H.C.
  • Near Distance, by Jonathan Jones
  • Forgotten Flyers, by Bobby Sauro
  • A Clear Shot, by Andrew O’Kelley
  • When You Know, by Geoffrey Miller
  • Home Shopping Network, by Martin Jennings
  • The Least Cruel Method of Cooking Crabs, by Moneta Goldsmith
  • The Video, by Casey Pycior
  • Bed and Breakfast, by Mathieu Cailler
  • The Crush, by A.W. Marshall
  •, by Daniel Coshnear
  • Semaphore, by Jasmine Sawers
  • Witch, by Ellie Stewart
  • Then There Is, by Gerald Yelle
  • Slides and Swings, by Neal Bonser
  • Excerpts from My Child’s First Story, by Stace Budzco
  • Telegraphing the Fox, by Annie Dawid
  • On the Strand, by Anne Colwell
  • The Snorer, by Sophie Nunberg
  • Home Again, Home Again, by Christopher Woods
  • Flight, by Gypsy Martin
  • Faith, by Patrick Faller
  • Pressure, by Lucian Childs
  • Deliverance from You, by Travis Hubbs
  • Buried, by Nathan Alling Long
  • The New Disease, by Ksenia Lakovic
  • Persephone, by Elizabeth Varidan
  • Ghost, by T.D. Storm
  • Eggs, by Patricia Cosgrove
  • The Perfect Nursery, by Geraldine Birch
  • White Bird, Black Sky, by Barry Charman
  • The Perfect Strawberry, by Tamsin Hopkins
  • Tableaux Vivant, by M. Kaat Toy
  • The Knife Factory, by Neal Allen
  • What Counts, by Frank Carden
  • The Orgun Box Junkie, by Robert Perchan
  • The Paper City, by Rebecca Harrison

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