Day 28: Falling Action

It’s time to introduce the FALLING ACTION, also known as the dénouement–which, by the way, is a French term meaning untying, from Middle French desnouement, from desnouer – to untie – from Old French desnoer, from des- de- + noer meaning to tie, from Latin nodare, from nodus knot).

Your novel by this point has become a tightly wound knot. Now, it’s time to loosen the knot, to untie the many elements of plot.

At this point, the characters (and the reader) step back and reflect on what has happened. A new order has been established. Some change has taken place and things must now fall into place in accordance with that change. In the case of Cinderella, the falling action is the wedding. The consequence is, “And they live happily ever after.”

Today, write about what happens after the climax. You may write this as a series of scenes, or, if it gives you more freedom, you may simply think about how you want the falling action to play out and jot down some notes. You can go back and write the scenes later.


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