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Winter in Tirana: The Stories of Jiri Kajanë (Volume 1)

ISBN: 978-1-945753-05-3

About This Book

Winter in Tirana: The Stories of Jiri Kajanë (Volume 1), brings together six intertwined tales of bittersweet love, absurd politics, and comic hijinks by the enigmatic Jiri Kajanë. Set against the final days of the Albanian empire, the stories follow an unnamed narrator–the Deputy Minister of Slogans–and his young friend Leni as they attempt to navigate a landscape of shifting political alliances and unsettling personal affairs. By turns funny, profound, and deeply moving, Winter in Tirane is an exploration of the meaning of identity, the power of suggestion, and the complex relationship between a story and its creator. Winter in Tirane presents a startlingly imaginative take on the notion of the author as fictive construct.